I Was Tagged :D

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I was tagged by adek putry's ain actually . 

Rules Of The Game :)
- You must post this rules .
- Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal .
- Answer the questions the tagger set in their post , and create a new eleven questions for the   tagged to answer .
- You have to choose 11 people to and link them on the post .
- Go to their page and tell them you have tagged him/her .
- No tag back .
- No stuff in the tagging section "You are tagged if you reading this" you legitimately ( a.k.a really ,  trust , with all honestly ) have to tag 11 people .
Here , 11 Things About Me :)

-full name is NorShahida Bt Ahmad Nazari
-i am a girl *
-Blow Candles On 25 Feb 1995
-Totally Taken By Mohd Hamirul Asraf
-Chocolate Addicted
-Love To Sleep + have a sweet dream
-Im Friendly # fact !
-EFAMIA > my truly bestie
-I wish that i will become a doctor one day
-I have a sister :)
-student of Semekar Highland :D

Jawapan untuk soalan adek Putry's Ain
-sony ericsson
-Im 100% taken
-25 feb 1995
-bestie ? ; Efamia
-fav food , laksa = tomyam
-around 150cm
-i prefer Guess
-shoes size 7
-lappy , acer
-definitely pink
-both are important
My Questions :
-your name till your grandfather name
-your fav colour ?
-name of your fav aunt?
-genre movie that u like ?
-your dream ?
-your fav actor / actress
-place u want to go
-number of your facebook  friend
-the most important things in your life
-lappy / handphone ?
-your math teacher's name 

Tagged For :D

That's All . Bubye <3

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